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CosyLabs Floor Sofa Cum Bed - Grey

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This is a Great Floor Sofa
CosyLabs Floor Sofa is the ultra soft, scrumptious utterly buttery piece of furniture. Maintain your posture while sitting on the floor. Sink your bottom and your back into comfort. Whether you are using it to sit or lounge or as a bed. The hidden metal frame and joints that work like MAGIC will continue to support you and the soft foam filling will provide you comfort. Some use it as a guest bed, some use it as a floor sofa, some use it for their kids. Either way its the most delicious and comfortable piece of furniture you will own.
How It Works:
The chair has an inbuilt metal frame which contains a set of Japanese Koyo Hinges (Works like Magic). These hinges are always locked when pushed outward but can be pushed inward to lock at a different angle. To reset the hinges, fold both sides together to less than 90 degree and then the hinge will unlock with a click. Then unfold both sides and the hinges will lock into place again at 180 degrees. You can then unfold the sofa top and bottom layers to extend it into a bed. And you can adjust the angle of the backrest to make it a comfy lounger also.
Who can Use It:
Suitable for 1-2 persons upto 200 KG weight. Sleeping height upto 6 feet. The width is big for one person and the foam is sufficient to sit comfortably and be snug or as a guest bed.
Be careful about stepping your foot in the middle part of the GAP as that part has no foam filling to allow for folding of the sofa.
  • Utterly Buttery Comfy: This Plush floor sofa is going to be the cosiest sofa you ever owned. Ultra soft breathable fabric on the outside. Hybrid memory foam and soft cotton filling on the inside.
  • No Wall Support Needed: Maintain your posture while sitting on the floor. Specially designed frame and hinges, easily adjust into 5 different positions. Finally you can have a floor sofa with enough comfort for both your bottom and your back. Sit upright, or lounge while reading a book or lay it flat and take a nap. Using it the FIRST TIME is TRICKY as the mechanism is hidden. Watch the video in the Question Answer section or read "How it Works"
  • Universal Use: This sofa can be used in multiple ways. As a bed, as a lounger or as a sofa. Easily seats 1 (maybe 2 if you squish) and handles weight upto even 200 kg without any problems. Long life. Guaranteed
  • Dimensions when flat: 28” Width x 80” Length x 4” Height. When Folded - 28" Width x 22" Seat Depth x 23" Back Rest Height. Weight: 6 kg
  • DO NOT Step in the GAP between the middle two sections when the sofa is completely flat

How it Works

How it Works

The frame inside our chairs is joined by Japan's famous Koyo Hinges that allow the joint to be locked in 6 different positions. It is easy to use and can withstand upto 120 Kg direct weight with a lifespan of 1 lakh adjustments.

The Cosylabs GUARANTEE

We provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 Days of Delivery.

And a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on any manufacturing defects

Customer Reviews

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Rifa Khanum R
A good buy

I really like the mechanism of it, support free.. very nice product overall, but it could be a lil wider for more comfort, add hand holders on the folding part so it's easy to lift/ carry... Also foam could be a lil thicker so we don't feel the rods inside... Other than this.. it's very thoughtfully built and a good buy I would say :)