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Budget friendly 100% comfortable better than regular sofa

Excellent innovative floor sofa with comfort at its max… I was a little scared of buying due to the high price but I must say the quality is superb
Value for money due to the quality..
Must buy...

Perfect As a single sofa for our Home

Bought this as a single sofa and it compliments our main sofas really well. Great colour and the fabric is just soo soft to touch

Love the fabric

The fabric and the ring pillows plus two additional pillows are all very soft and supportive. Cloud comfort

Compfy Sofa

This chair is incredibly comfortable, providing excellent support. Its super cosy and comfy and just makes you want to stuff inside for hours

Quality chair

Not as great in quality. Its quite expensive. Would give it 2 stars. For more stars make the pillow filling more and size bigger.

A good buy

I really like the mechanism of it, support free.. very nice product overall, but it could be a lil longer to allow for stretching legs while sleeping.


Superb quality. Exquisitely soft. Perfectly serving as a good back support. Quality of the fabric and stitching is good. Also useful for kids to sit down and study, also sitting down while having food or just to relax.


Was unsure about spending so much on a new brand. But completely happy with my decision

Great seat. Innovative

I have ordered 3 of these seats. The are so comfortable, I have one in each of our bedrooms

Jump in

No stress. Great purchase. A must buy

Super Idea

I loved this chair from the moment I looked at it. When sitting inside it gives a feeling of being wrapped by a hug. Easy to sit inside and work for long hours

High Quality chair

Can be easily set at various angles and very comfortable to sit and lounge on.
I am using it since few months and very satisfied with the product

Amazingly Cosylicious

Very comfy sofa.Occupies very less space. We are using it as gaming chair. Very very happy with the purchase

I'm just loving this Super Comfy and Versatile Wooly!

I recently purchased the Wooly Sofa, and it has exceeded all my expectations. This sofa is incredibly comfortable and provides a perfect place to relax. It's a large, spacious sofa that can easily seat two people.

The fabric is very soft and high-quality, giving it a luxurious feel. The stitching is well done, making it durable and long-lasting. The best part is its versatility—it can be adjusted to different angles to suit your needs. You can sit upright to work or lie down comfortably for naps.

Whether you're looking for a stylish addition to your living room or a cozy spot to relax, the Wooly Sofa is an excellent choice. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a comfortable and flexible seating option.

Go for it

Good buy. Exactly as advertised. Go for it

Looks beautiful

Amazing looking product with great dual functionality. I wished it came in slightly bigger size. Just 4-5 inches more and it would be easier to sleep inside as well and I wouldn’t need a bed. I am about 6 ft tall.

Stylish and so cosy!

I got the olive green dog bed and not I literally spend all of my time in it. It’s so comfortable and cosy, I am able to adjust the back rest and work comfortably when I am sitting in it. When I am tired of working, I adjust the backrest again and lounge in the bed. I am pretty tall and I fit in the bed easily. It’s so cosy I have a hard time getting out of it.

Unique and space saving!!😍

Despite it's luxurious comfort, it's compact design makes it an ideal choice for small apartments or even for adding a touch of coziness in any room.
It's not just a piece of furniture,but an investment in your comfort and well being👏👏

Multipurpose, Super Comfy, Perfect for my family and kids. We all love it.

Multipurpose, super comfy, useful as a cosy chair, bed, and sofa. Works well for hosting guests and kids playing in bed.
It has stayed at different angles without any back support.
Love this sofa. Perfect for my family and kids. We all love it.


Would have given 5 star if they had a leg pullout and a firmer pillow..otherwise,i am having a good time

2 to none

It is number1 and probably the best i have ever had. I have it for my meditation room for my mother and she feels nice and good about it.

Most comfortable lounge chair

Beyond my wildest dreams, the Borneo Sofa is the most comfortable sofa I've ever owned! Maximum relaxation is guaranteed by its adjustable back support, and the luxuriously soft fabric feels amazing. The Borneo Sofa is the only option if you're looking for both comfort and style.

So cozy so comfortable love this😘😘😘😘😘

M so much happy🤗worth it❤️

Truly comfortable********

As the name says it's truly comfortable and superior quality,go buy it

The Rosetta floor chair is exactly what I've been searching for. The Rosetta floor chair is superb quality, and I love spending time doing yoga and reading on my balcony with it. It's comfortable, durable, and adds a cozy touch to my relaxation routine.

It's incredibly comfortable and makes lounging a joy. I highly recommend it for anyone in need of a cozy seating option.