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Absolutely Perfect in every way

Amazing Big size and comfy sofa. A great place for my kids to play as well. The inside sleeping space between the cushions is comfy for me even as a 5'6" person.

It’s a great product. Kids love it too.

Best Comfy Sofa I have ever had!

The Borneo Sofa has exceeded all my expectations, it's truly the best comfy sofa I've ever had! Its adjustable back support ensures maximum relaxation, and the soft fabric feels like a dream. If you're looking for comfort and style, look no further than the Borneo Sofa.



Best buy ever

This sofa has become part of my life now. I’m using it for my day to day activities and i really like how i can adjust its back at multiple angle which is not possible in other furniture. And its very comfortable and broad. I’m going to order 1 more sofa for my mother too. Best buy ever

Super Comfortable

I m in love with this sofa. It is so damn comfortable. Has lots of memory cushion which supports my back. U should def buy

Amazing furniture

Super comfy & Must Have furniture

Very comfortable and appropriate product. We were looking for a floor family seating arrangment and these floor chairs proved to perfect for our need.


Love the what was there in the image. Quick service. Had some error from my side while placing buy got instant help.

Love the floor cushion with backrest

Was looking for something like this for ages in the Indian market. It lives up to its promise .


This chair is a significant improvement over my old bean bag. It's not only comfortable but adds a touch of elegance to my room. Only issue is that it is a little bulky to move around

Great support for back and neck

So good to lounge in this. Its not as bulky as big recliners and maintains a minimalist aesthetic

Pretty Orange

The colour is really pretty. And comfy product

Comfortable and chic!

The different angles make it perfect for lounging or sitting upright. It's become my go-to spot in the house

Good product. Floor level comfort

It goes great with my living room theme of low floor seating. Its low floor but high enough that its not uncomfortable.
And the recliner functionality is amazing

Fantastic Chair

This has the same functionality and is more chic and perfect for my living room. The product looks even more beautiful and comfortable in real life.

The packaging is excellent!

Fairly priced. Much better pricing that normal recliners that cost more than 15k.

Excellent product

Comfy, good looking and flexible

Fan of this Sofa. Great addition to my bachelor pad

I recently purchased this foldable single seater sofa, and I am absolutely thrilled with my decision. Living in a small apartment in the city, I am always on the lookout for furniture that is not only functional but also stylish, and this sofa hits all the right notes.

I was initially skeptical about the comfort level, given its dual functionality, but I was pleasantly surprised. Whether I am lounging to read a book or lying down for a quick nap, the comfort is unmatched. The cushioning is just right - not too soft, not too firm.

The sofa doesn't compromise on sturdiness. The wooden frame feels solid, (quite) heavy and durable! The hinges are smooth to operate and its easy to adjust its angle to suit my needs. I have moved it around a few times, and it still feels as robust as the day I got it.

It's a rare find that checks all the boxes for urban living. Definitely a 5-star product!

Amazing Colour

Upgraded from a bean bag to this chair and I couldn't be happier. It maintains the comfort but with much more support and style. And the colour is just amazing

Excellent chair, looks and feels great!

Such a beauty

What a beautiful product. Extremely comfortable, relaxing. Love the vibe that this is giving to my living room

Perfect for Reading Nook

It's been an absolute delight! The cushioning is perfect - firm enough to support my back and yet so comfortable that I can sit for hours without any discomfort.

It has become my favorite spot in the house.

The build quality is superb, and the design is both modern and timeless. It's versatile enough to work in various rooms, but I have it in my home office where it complements my space perfectly.

Very comfortable floor seating

Very sturdy and adjustable backrest

Five stars!

This chair is exactly what I was looking for in my living room.