The section below aims to answer our most Frequently Asked Questions customers like you ask us.

Product Questions

Can I get a customised product and size?

It is possible in some cases. Please reach out to home@cosylabs.club or message our Whatsapp by clicking on the icon in bottom left with details of your requirements.

How does the reclining work?

Our hinges are specially designed and manufactured for this furniture type. You can adjust the hinges to set the desired angle at which you wish to sit.
To do this, push the backrest inwards towards the seat and you will hear the hinges unlock with a *Click* at about 70 Degree angle. Then bend the backrest back to 180 Degree Angle where you hear a second *Click*. After this you can set the product at any of the 5 Angles from 180 Degrees to 95 Degrees.

You can also click on this link to watch the video of how it works. All our chairs/sofas work with the same mechanism - Reclining Mechanism

How durable are the hinges inside?

The hinges are specially designed and manufactured for the purpose of strong Weight Handling, Long Life and Durability. This is why Cosylabs is proud to stand behind them with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty for any defects/damage.

How much weight can they support?

Rosetta (our smallest chair) is designed to easily handle upto 120Kg weight without any problems for years. Borneo and bigger chairs can easily handle 150 Kg+ weight. That means an adult and a child can sit on it together.

Are the covers washable?

Rosetta's covers are removable and washable. Borneo is not removable and washable. However, all covers can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

What are the materials used in manufacturing?

The frames are made of Mango Wood. The Hinges are made from special grade steel. The covers are made from ethically sourced Cotton and Polyester.

Do you also sell Footstools?

Not at the moment. But subscribe to our emails and you will be notified when it goes live.

Is it safe in a house with kids/babies?

Yes the products are Fire Retardant and are VOX Emissions Free which makes them suitable to be around kids/babies.

Delivery & Returens

Do you deliver to my Pincode?

We deliver to every Pincode in India.

Are there additional charges for shipping?

Shipping is Free for all Pin Codes across India

How long will it take to deliver to my City?

Delivery times vary by Pincode. But broadly you can assume a delivery time of 2-3 Days in North India. 3-5 Days in the rest of India.

Do you accept returns?

Yes we have a no-questions asked return policy where we accept returns up to 30 Days from Delivery. However, in cases where there are no product defects and since the products are extremely bulky to ship, we only ask that you cover the cost of Shipping for returned products. For more details you can check our Return Policy

Do you offer product servicing?

At the moment, we do not offer servicing but in specific cases we can help. Please reach out to home@cosylabs.club with any queries.